27 December, 2006

_Not_ Looking Forward to

This time of the year it's common to do some summary reports about the achievements in the passing year and come up with plans for the next one. People say they're looking forward to this and that, with this and that varying but basically everyone is waiting for the good things to come, for the bad things to go. As if the next cycle of the more or less randomly established calendar system will make all that happen.

I think this "looking forward to" expression should be abolished, since it only distracts people from seeing what's actually happening now. And, unlike the my previous reformist ideas, this one is much less of a hippie fantasy. This one can have some solid corporate support behind: after all, if you're looking forward to, say, sending your kids to college, you'll miss the after-Christmas über sale at <your favorite retailer>!

Don't look forward, look for the coupon page in the next issue of your local newspaper!

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