06 December, 2006

Get a free ring tone

Get a free ring tone and 300 SMS messages!

That's the actual title I saw on a web page today. I create my ring tones myself with a microphone and a USB cable, so I'm not sure if this type of a pitch is common or not -- I only ended up on that page after giving a penny to an article I liked by clicking on an ad.
But still, I wonder, even if you get your ring tone for free, I think receiving 300 SMS messages from a stranger it just too much to bear. I even don't know how often are they going to send these SMSes: 300 messages is one per day for almost a year! Sending one message per minute, on the other hand, they'll get done in 5 hours but I'll be... well, annoyed.
And I certainly have no idea what's going to be the contents of these messages. I suppose, every 10th or so message can try to lure me into getting one more ring tone (and 300 more messages). This leaves 270 messages... hmmm.... I guess a hundred or so can be devoted to some third-party advertising, and some 40 (once per week) messages could carry a weather forecast for the next week. 130 more to go... News headlines, once every other day? Yeah, that'll do it!
What a nice service, I could certainlly use a weather forecast!

/runs away to order a free ringtone

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