15 December, 2006

Snakes on a plane -- the prequel

Here's the news: "More than 100 passengers on a Saudi plane were left panic-stricken by the unexpected appearance of furry fellow flyers - dozens of mice.".

This can actually be a prequel for the Snakes on a Plane movie -- basically, to get rid of the mice it was decided to get some snakes on board (which in turn led to the necessity of Samuel Jackso with a gun on board).
The prequel could feature a young Samuel Jackson, proud bearer of the Forestry merit badge, who warns adults about the dangers of snakes, but noone listens to him. A huge guy snake handler, in high rubber boots, with a bag full of snakes would smile with all his yellow teeth, gently pat the young scount on the head and say, "There, there, soldier! Snakes'll show'em goddone mice!"... Well you know how it ends ;)

But seriously, why would anyone need a bag of 80 mice? More specifically, why would these particular mice be needed, why not buy them at the destination?
A friend of mine has suggested that the mice may hold someone's spread consciousness. So we need to look for the news of someone becoming insane instantly, or just loosing consciousness all of a sudden. Hmm...

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