29 December, 2006

Alcohol-free beer tare

I've recently had a (relatively short) period in my life of amicability with alcohol-free beer. It was a fiery romance, sparked by the hot California sun, lubricated with my greedy reluctance to turn on the A/C and wholeheartedly supported by the long-lasting, several times extended sale on the particular German marke I liked loved adored at my local Safeway.

One thing I enjoyed about the absence of alcohol, is the ability to drink as much tasty beer as I liked and still be able to perform intelligence-intense tasks with the full power of my limited intelligence. Really, a valid point in non-alcoholic beer advertisement: it leaves nothing behind.

But all things come to an end, and, with the summer heat subsiding, I kept the bubbly ones waiting longer and longer in the fridge, until one day I've realized the affair was over. I like to think that the young green grass on the hills has grown out of the ashes of the dead affinity. The circle of life at work.

Anyway, not only the grass is mature now, but the big container where I keep empty bottles on the balcony is also full to the brim. It's time to get back my CRV and use it to buy a lottery ticket, thus giving the bottles a chance for reincarnation, the nature a chance to live clean and God a chance to send me a jackpot.

And you know what? Although the beer was non-alcoholic, the empty bottles are as heavy as those left after regular beers. I haven't had this problem with my previous mistress, Vodka, since it's way more ... intense and compact, plus the type I drink doesn't have CRV, so lifting that container was certainly a nasty surprise.

Leaving nothing behind, huh?!

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