03 January, 2007

Debunking cuisine myths

Sometimes I like to use some hot sauce with my rice or spaghetti. I particularly enjoy the one called something like "Vietnamese garlic sauce" -- found at the Asian food isle in a regular supermarket. It is especially great to wash the stuff down with some cold beer: first the sauce smashes my taste buds, and then the beer arrives to gently caress them. Culinary S&M! :)

There's one side-effect, however:

it completely eliminates the taste of food! (1)

Now, consider these statements:

(a) Asian food is rich in weird stuff, like bugs and worms
(b) It is also rich in hot sauce
(c) Bugs and worms are actually tasty, if you get used to them

But if (c) is true, then what's the need for (b)? (b) becomes obvious if one considers it in conjunction with (1), but then (c) is just a myth!

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