28 December, 2006

A lesson of cynicism

A while ago I wanted to convert some old VHS tapes to DVDs, so I went to Fry's to get a TV tuner card. All of them had open box/returned by customer stickers. Mark me naïve, but I have definitely learned something new about the world that day. But that was just prudence.
Just a few days ago we went to get one of those cool fiber-optic Christmas trees, which are half price after Christmas. I've always assumed those half priced trees are leftovers from the pre-holiday stock -- but it turns out, those are used trees, returned to the store on the very next day after the event.

Hey Johny, don't stretch those branches too much when hanging decorations, will need to return the tree ASAP -- the New Year is not going anywhere and we're going to need money for booze! And don't ruin the gift wrapping, it's been serving us for five years now and we like it!
That's the spirit! :)

I've also learned today that "caveat emptor" is not a nick-name for some majestic cave cleaning bunker busting bomb (like a "daisy cutter"). Turns out, it's something else, although still dwelling-related.

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