14 December, 2006

From yum to yuck and back.

It's interesting what makes something to be considered "food" and "not food" -- even if this something is the same thing in both cases. Take a frying pan with some leftover fried meat, for example. While the pan is still on the stove, I'm sure everyone would love to fish for a tasty piece of meat, especially if it's fried with onions and mushrooms... Mmm, mushrooms!
Anyway, take the same frying pan, with the same meat in it, and put it into the kitchen sink. Now the idea of stealing a juicy bite is much less attractive, isn't it? Especially if there're yucky dirty dishes around.
Now let's go further and drop a few drops of tap water onto the pan. Still food or not? A few drops may be OK, but half a pan of hot water, with meat floating along with bits of onion is certainly not food, right?

Well, try looking at it after not eating for five days. ;)

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