30 November, 2006

ID pictures conspiracy!

As a subject of more than one government, I quite often need ID pictures, and ususaly I need more than two, so the standard package of two passport photos you can get at Walgreens & such does not work for me. They can make more than two, sure, but that's rather expensive.

What I used to do: get a few snapshots of myself and my wife with a digital camera, then go to a grocery store where they have a Kodak picture machine, and get 6 ID pictures for about 30 cents. The machine has (or at least used to have) an option to tile 6 identical pictures on a 4x6 sheet.

Not anymore! These nice machines are turned off at all three locations I've visited. And there's a newer model machine at a Wolf camera nearby, but this new beauty seems to want $14.95 for any collage printout.

Out of despair I've tried a couple of those mail/notary/fingerprints/etc. locations -- they want $10 per two pictures, with 10% discount at most, if I want more than two at a time.

That's the end of an era for me!

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