08 February, 2008

Wireless connected but no Internet

After yet another D-Link DSL modem died on me, and being tired of another D-Link creature's, the WiFi router, nasty habit of rebooting at random every hour or so, I've upgraded to a Diamond SupraMax-yada-yada-something modem, which also includes the wireless router and stuff.

I've connected the notebook without any problems, but the desktop behaved strangely: it connected in a snap, reported Excellent signal strength and sometimes I was able to browse the Internet, but mostly I could not. I was ready to go get another router model but noticed an interesting thing: even when I seemingly hadn't the Internet connection, Skype was staying green. I also remembered a note from the manual saying any firewall software on the system should be disabled.

With the dawn of understanding shining upon me, I've typed in the IP address of the web server at work and aha! there it was. Then I tried disabling ZoneAlarm and voila! - I can haz teh Internets! But being paranoid, I just couldn't let the extra curtain go, so I turned ZoneAlarm back on but instead added the DNS servers fetched from the router's admin panel right into the wireles connection's settings. That worked, too, without having to mess with ZoneAlarm's settings.


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