23 January, 2008

The power of marketing legends.

Just remembered a scary story I read about how the tiny pieces of electrically-shaved facial hair are inhaled and end up in lungs, where horrible horrible tumors often start around those little hairs. The only way to prevent that from happening, the article suggested, was to go with wet shaving only, in which method the hair is bonded by the foam.

Granted, it wasn't a very reputable newspaper where I read it, but I still don't use eclectic razors. You know, what if it is at least partially true? ;)

But on the other hand, even though the joys of electric shaving is lost for me permanently, I think it's a small price to pay for the healthy skepticism I developed as a result of realizing the legend was what it was - a marketing legend. It also shows the importance of balance when creating these legends: too much FUD and you risk pushing your targets into the skeptical side.

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