02 April, 2007

Parallel Universes are real -- the proof.

A couple of days ago I've overheard some guy in a diner who was telling his friends about someone named Frank -- a very accomplished individual, I must admit. This Frank has built a few buildings, has a happy family and himself is a great guy and all that -- a modern Hercules, this Frank is.

But one thing about him really stood out. The narrator said that back when Frank was 12 (and he is 57 now), he lived in Florida when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened and saw American missiles flying over to Cuba.

So apparently in the Universe Frank is originally from, the Crisis had lead to an actual nuclear war and, I think, the energy released by the nuclear explosions have ripped the time-space fabric and moved Frank into our more lucky Universe. And certainly, if you survive such an ordeal, the rest of the life's problems would seem trivial, nothing would prevent you from becoming a happy, successful person, just like Frank.


Jim said...

But how does such a rip occur, and if Frank got moved back to our world then what happened to our world Frank?! Are there two Franks running around in Florida?!

grundes said...

The "alien" Frank is in California, so the "our" one may roam free in Florida, less lucky in life because he hadn't have his character hardened by the "shift".

Besides, if we haven't (yet) had such a huge thing as a nuclear war, we might as well have been lacking such a minuscule -- compared to a war, sorry, Frank -- thing as Frank.